Tower of Subconsciousness | Jacek Yerka

The Unconscious

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Below the threshold of consciousness everything was seething with life

In order to grasp the fantasies that where stirring in me ‘underground’, I knew I had to let myself plummet down into them, as it were. I felt not only violent resistance to this but a distinct fear. For I was afraid of loosing command of myself and becoming a prey to the fantasies – and as a psychiatrist I realized only too well what that meant.

After prolonged hesitation, however, I saw that there was no other way out. I had to take the chance, had to try to gain power over them; for I realized if I did not do so, I ran the risk of their gaining power over me. A cogent motive for making the attempt was the conviction that I could not expect of my patients something I did not dare do myself.

Text: Memories, Dreams, Reflections | C.G. Jung
// Confrontation with the Unconscious
Painting: Tower of Subconsciousness | Jacek Yerka

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